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Arrival & Dismissal


2022 HMS Traffic Flow

All student drop offs and pick ups before the first bell and after school, should be made in the gym parking
lot off of Arizona Avenue.

Parents should enter the parking lot and follow the directional arrows. Students should be dropped off
before you exit the parking lot near the gym.

Students should then proceed to the sidewalk parallel with Arizona Ave (inside the school walls) and walk
to the front doors to be admitted.

Parents are not permitted to use the parking lot off of 1st street to drop off students in the
morning or pick them up in the afternoon. This parking lot is not large enough to safely utilize during
high traffic times.

If you are signing your student in or out during the school day, you may utilize the front parking lot off of
1st street.

Holloman Middle School Visitor Procedures:

1 . All visitors must report to the front entrance of the school.
2. Once admitted to the school, visitors must sign in with the front desk staff.
3. Visitors must provide a valid Driver's License/ID to the front office staff.
4. The ID's will be run through our security system.
5. Visitors will be escorted to their destination and should be escorted to the front desk when they
have completed their business.
6. All visitors will sign out with the front desk staff prior to leaving the school campus.

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